Mens 7v7 Rules



1. 7 players v 7 players (6 outfield players & 1 goalkeeper per team):


2. Squads may have up to 15 players. No player can be added to the roster after the 7th game of the league

3. Games are 45 minutes in length. They will consist of twenty-two (22) minute halves and include one (1) minute rest. Games will kick-off on time and teams may be penalized if they fail to arrive on time for their game

4. There is NO offside rule

5. NO SLIDE TACKLES AT ANY TIME. We encourage you to stay on your feet, this is a friendly but competitive league. The referee will decide what is a slide tackle.

6. ALL free-kicks are direct unless the referee states otherwise. A wall is allowed but all opposing players must be 8 yards from the ball

7. Penalty-Kicks are taken 10 yards from goal

8. Goalkeepers:

- CANNOT throw, kick, punt or drop-kick the ball past the half-way line from a dead ball situation. The only time a GK can send the ball past the halfway line is when the ball is in play and the keeper kicks it from the ground. The GK can not pick up the ball and then put it down on the floor to kick it past the halfway line.

- CAN slide in his/her own box. The referee will determine what is inside or outside the box

- MUST release the ball from their hands within six(6) seconds. Failure to do so will result in a DIRECT free-kick to the opposing team 8 yards from goal

9. Teams must have a MINIMUM OF 5 PLAYERS to start the game.

10. In a regular season teams will receive:

- 3 points for a win
- 1 point for a tie
- 0 points for a loss

11. The league table will be decided by the following:

- Total points gained
- Goal differential
- Goals scored
- Head to Head scoreline

12. During Playoffs and Finals in the result of a tie, there will be penalty-kicks taken from the penalty spot

13. If a player is injured or bleeding they must leave the field of play until they are ready to come back on. The players uniform must be completely free of blood before entering the field of play again

14. If a player receives a yellow card, their team must play a player down for 2 minutes, even if a goal is scored

15. If a player receives a red card, the player must leave the field of play, but will be allowed to stay within the park grounds if their conduct is appropriate. The team of the offending player will play a player down for the reminder of their match

16. The referee's decision is final. If a player would like to complain to the league regarding a particular game or incident, they must do so within 24 hours of that game. They must make the complaint by emailing

17. There are unlimited substitutions but ALL players must enter the field after receiving approval of the change from the referee.

18. Just like in any soccer game, goals CAN be scored direct from kick-off

19. Shin-guards are not required but are recommended

20. The league does not tolerate violence of any kind. Your actions may result in Police involvement and you will receive suspension from the league

21. Games will be played come rain or shine. However if there is snow and the field is unfit to use, the league reserve the right to cancel games and will provide teams with a make-up date. ALL decisions on the day's games will be made before 5pm if possible and will be posted on the PS2G website in addition to the captains of each team receiving a phone call, text message or email

22. Cancellations after 5pm will be made at the referee's discretion. A make-up date will be arranged if needed

23. If we have to cancel due to weather more than twice in a season, the league will issue pro-rated refunds. All refunds will made at the discretion of Play Soccer 2 Give

and finally...

24. Team Captains are responsible for the following things:

- The conduct of their team
- Registration fees being paid on time (if players miss a payment deadline, the remaining balance will be transferred to the Team Captain and until that fee is paid, the team will start their games 2 goals down)

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